Forensic Services and Professionals in Ireland

Forensic Accountants

PROForensics – Experts in Forensic Accounting

PROForensics is an independent Irish Forensic Accounting firm that is solely focused on financial forensics. We are a firm of Chartered Accountants that uniquely holds professional qualifications in accounting, insurance and forensic accounting disciplines. This combination of professional expertise differentiates us to provide our clients with objective, confidential, timely and expert opinions.

James Hyland & Company – Forensic Accountants

James Hyland and Company is the only firm in Ireland of specialist Forensic Accountants. Our Directors have extensive business and commercial experience in addition to being Chartered Accountants, Forensic Accountants and members of the Expert Witness Institute.

Grant Thornton – An Instinct for Growth

Our team can seek evidence that can make the difference between finding the truth or being left in the dark.

Forensic Computer & IT Professionals

City Investigations

Dublin London Manchester Belfast Birmingham Liverpool                                                                 Legal Corporate City and Data Protection Services

Rits – Manage your Risk

Information security risk Management and Forensics & E-Discovery

Sonrai Security

Sonrai Security was established to provide advanced Information Security services to the Irish marketplace. Our client portfolio includes government agencies, energy distributors, international telecomunications, private hospitals, logistics providers, publishers, PR agencies, non-governmental organisations,  and Internet service providers. Our consultants multi-disciplinary expertise allows them to assess, plan and implement the most effective solution for your business.

Forensic Document Specialist Authentication/Verification

Dave Madden is a Graphologist and a Document Examiner who provides questioned document expertise to the legal community, companies and private individuals. He has acted in numerous legal cases in courts, tribunals and hearings. Dave provides written or verbal reports and will give expert testimony in court.

Dave Madden is a member of the UK Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (SAFE)

Dave Madden
Document Examination Ireland
Holm Oak Kendalstown Rise Delgany Co. Wicklow 
A63 NP23                                           Telephone: +353 87 221 0500   Email:

Forensic & Private Investigators

Audrey Christie – Female Investigator

A selection of private investigation services offered by Audrey Christie – Private Investigator Dublin.


Empower you with facts and evidence

  • Commercial & Private Investigations
  • Background Checks & Employee Vetting
  • Marital/Partner Investigations
  • Asset Tracking/GPS
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Personal Injury Investigations

Liam A. Brady

Private Investigator gets results

Our firm has been investigating cases for over 35 years. We are properly incorporated, fellow members of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) and have campaigned vigourously for regulation and supervision within the profession.

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic Psychological Services Dublin

Dr Patrick Randall  In 2009, Patrick founded Forensic Psychological Services as one of its directors. He is mainly responsible for the general management of the service and service and programme development. Patrick also provides training, consultation, and supervision to other professionals. Additionally, he is involved in direct clinical work and has a vast experience in giving expert testimony in courts.

National Forensic Psychology Consultancy Ltd., Joanne Keogh

I am  the Director of services at NFPC, however I do not work alone. I have four associates to include one clinical psychologist, one counselling psychologist, one educational psychologist and one psychiatrist. I have worked in forensic mental health for over ten years.

Aistear Forensic and Psychological Services

The foundation of our practice is the belief that all human beings are inherently worthwhile and important: Individuals who engage in harmful and criminal behaviour are members of our community who need to be encouraged and supported to live in the community in a responsible and safe manner

Court Assessments & Claims

Professor Michael Fitzgerald Irelands’First Professor of Child  & Adolescent Psychiatry

Expert reports and testimony

Michael specialises in Autism, Aspergers syndrome, ADHD and child behaviour problems. He has a particular interest in creativity and mental health issues. He has written, co-written, edited and co- edited over 24 book on this specialist subjects and has many peer reviewed publications.

Personal Injury Claims

Initiating personal injury claims in Ireland can be difficult even when you have your full health and are aware of the procedures involved to successfully claim personal injury compensation for an accident in Ireland.

Dr. Seán Ciarán Ó Domhnaill MB DPM MRCPsych MSc

Founder and Clinical Director at The National ADHD & Autism Service Clinic, Vista Primary Health Care, Naas, Co. Kildare

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist with a very broad range of experience in General Adult Psychiatry, Forensic Addiction Psychiatry and Medico-legal aspects of Psychiatry.
Since I completed my MRCPsych training in Forensic Psychiatry, while working in the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum in 2002, I have been working as an independent psychiatric expert and providing written and oral evidence for the courts throughout Ireland and abroad.


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