RTE Warns Forensic Cases Could colapse

April 2016

RTE News;  Warned of the danger of forensic cases collapsing according to the Garda Central crime lab at Forensic Science Ireland

The Head of Ireland’s Forensic Science Laboratory has warned that Court Cases could collapse because of the contamination of DNA Evidence due to the poor standard of work facilities.

Dr Sheila Willis is the Director General of the Forensic Science Ireland. And it tests the forensic evidence on the State’s behalf in Criminal Prosecutions.


The UK has had many cases collapse due to poor forensics based on contamination and the same could be happening here in Ireland if we do not act and prioritise these vital services.

DNA Evidence is particularly relevant is such cases as Rape.  In 2012 a tragedy occurred where contamination was the cause of a failed conviction….




In the interests of clarity we would like to point out the Garda Central Crime Lab named Forensic Science Ireland is not affiliated in any way with www.fssi.wordpress.com which is an independent organisation.


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