Document Examination and Verification

Document Examination and Verification

Sometimes the services of a document expert may be required. This type of professional will help to determine if the document being questioned is a genuine document or if the signature is within the limits of a reasonable possibility that it can be said to be genuine.

Document Examination Ireland provides questioned document expertise to the legal community, companies and private individuals.

When consulting a document expert  you will be guided on what documents are required if you decide to proceed.

  1. If you decide to go ahead simply gather the required documentation, making sure each one is carefully labelled and dated.
  2. You will receive written or email confirmation of acceptance of your documents and agreement to commence work.
  3. Following completion of the assignment and payment of any outstanding balance you will be provided with a verbal report, or written report of findings, as required.
  4. Any original documentation will be promptly returned by registered post or courier.

Tips on gathering documents

Acceptance of your individual case is based on the receipt of suitable quality material to allow an opinion to be made.

Acceptable material is:

  • Original documents
  • An electronic scan of original documents (minimum 600 dpi resolution, saved as a PDF file)
  • A photocopy of an original document

Multi-generational copies and fax copies are generally not ideal as they do not provide sufficient quality and may make it difficult to reach an opinion.

For questioned signature cases ideally a minimum of ten known signatures are required for comparison purposes. The known signatures should be on documents from a variety of sources and should ideally be from a similar time-frame to the document containing the questioned signature. At least some of these signatures should be on documents comparable to the questioned signature. For instance if the questioned signature is on a contract provide as many comparison signatures from contracts as possible.

Some examples of sources of comparison material –


Drivers Licence

Identification Cards


Cheque Stubs

Financial Documents

Loan Applications

Membership cards

Diaries and Journals


sheets

Social insurance records

School records

Address and Phone Books

Insurance Forms

Building permits

Court records

Divorce papers

Mail order forms

Marriage certificates

Credit application forms

Deeds and land titles

Rental or lease contracts

Tax returns

Cancelled cheques

Car registration documents


This expert can also act as an Expert Witness to give evidence in court if required and is a certified documents expert from the British Forensic Science Society.  Call to discuss

Dave Madden – Forensic Documents Specialist
Document Examination Ireland
Holm Oak Kendalstown Rise Delgany Co. Wicklow
A63 NP23

Telephone: +353872210500



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