Caroline Goldsmith talks Forensic Trends in Ireland

Forensic Trends in Ireland

Caroline Goldsmith Ward-Fahey

Caroline Goldsmith, MSc. (res), MBsPS, MEHPS one of the countries leading psychologists talks about forensic trends in Ireland.  Caroline is the founder of The Forensic Science Society of Ireland (FSSI) started in 2012.

When I started this society in 2012 it was with the hope that it could someday blossom and grow as the British society of a similar name had done in the UK. Ireland certainly needed a representative body for the discipline as none existed prior to that date. Since that time I have seen the forensic field grow in leaps and bounds in Ireland.

New disciplines related to the ever growing IT and cyber fields has seen the most growth, with cyber security listed as the hottest trend in computer science according to Michele Drolet of Network World in an excellent article highlighting security trends for 2017.

Ireland is really getting itself on the map where the computer field is concerned with more companies relocating here and taking advantage of the tax breaks which promotes employment and growth of our economy. According to the Irish Times top 1000 companies Google, Dell, Microsoft,  Facebook, Oracle, Intel, Apple and Adobe to name the top listers all have headquarters here in Ireland now.

Digital forensics is also a term that we are hearing more and more and the best way of describing it would be to consider its relation to cyber use and security of phone and mobile devices which are seeing astronomical growth according to Glen Hickok of Forensics Daily.  Mobile devices were topping over 7 billion in 2014.

Dropbox decided to keep its headquarters in Ireland and the company is really taking off offering an online solution to file and data storage. The concept is a simple one where people don’t have to use memory sticks and portable drives but can simply drop files into the desktop app and then access them anywhere by signing into their Dropbox account. If you have ever emailed yourself a document for use when travelling you will get the idea! The company offer a private use for free with a business option for heavier users.

It would seem that our future as an economy may very well lie in sustaining our favourable tax breaks while offering innovative solutions in the the ever growing cyber fields and trends to come.

Caroline is currently Principal Psychologist with