FSSI – Forensic Science Society Ireland

Forensic Science Society of Ireland – FSSI

Was founded in 2012 by Caroline Ward-Goldsmith a Psychologist with an interest in the growing disciplines of forensic science.  Until then Ireland had only the Garda Central Forensics Unit which is concerned with collecting and analysing criminal evidence for criminal cases and is not accessible to the public.
“There was a gap to be filled for other uses for forensic disciplines such as education, health disciplines, business, computer analysis & IT and forensic accounting”
Caroline Ward-Goldsmith MBPsS, MSc.(res) pos psych

Caroline has acted as Director since 2013 and has moved the site to wordpress to improve visibility and promote the FSSI agenda.  If you have an interest in promoting any type of Forensic Science  in Ireland drop us a line via the comments section of any page.  We need people who would be willing to write articles and would get cited and credited on the site and others who would like to take an active role in promotion. We are currently forming a full committee of honorary roles. Put yourself forward.

The society has three main aims;

1. To gather forensic disciplines and services in Ireland in order to provide a database of professionals and services which are accessible to the public.
2. Provide information on Forensic courses and education which furthers understanding of Forensic Sciences
3. Engage in and promote discussion and research into forensic topics of interest and necessity to the public and scientific community


In the interests of clarity we would like to point out the Garda Central Crime Lab named Forensic Science Ireland is not affiliated in any way with www.fssi.wordpress.com which is an independent organisation.


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